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Life is Special
Create Interactive
yet Distinctive
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PDF, abbreviated from portable document format, is a widely-used document format for people to display ebooks, brochures and other digital contents. However, the PDF document can only turn to next page vertically on screens and viewers cannot read its content until it has been downloaded and opened with a PDF reader. For people who use PDF as online presentation or marketing, they may want to present their content such as catalog, brochures and etc on an interactive epublication such as 3D flash flip books. By using the notable flipbook maker of Kvisoft, users can convert PPT to flash flipbook or make 3D dynamic flipbook from PDF, images, Word and flash videos. Kvisoft is a global software provider with many powerful applications such as flipbook maker, data recovery applications, flash slideshow designing software and free PDF converters. Its hot product FlipBook Maker helps people convert PDF to well-formatted and good-looking page flipping journals... (more)

Home Theater System:
Picking The Right One For You

A house will not be the same without a home theater system; this is a device that enables you to watch T.V shows and listen to different types of music inside your home. Bear in mind though that music and films are processed in a different way that is why they've got different sound system needs. Those who can afford to purchase various sound systems will never be bothered about this. Choosing an expensive and up-to-date home stereo equipment may necessarily need to be compromised if you don't have sufficient funds to buy one in the first place. Music and Movies: Which is Which? Whether you're distinctly a music lover or a movie lover, you have to determine which one you like the most ahead of purchasing a home stereos. This will assist you decide on the device that you should obtain in order to include in your home theater system. The standard set up is comprised of 5.1 surround sound system with 6-channel audio system inside your home. Ideally, the devices is arranged to be... (more)

The Common Ills
Talk Nation Radio:
Sarah Ali: Under the Missiles in Gaza,

Talk Nation Radio: Sarah Ali: Under the Missiles in Gaza, Palestine This is from David Swanson's War Is A Crime: Talk Nation Radio: Sarah Ali: Under the Missiles in Gaza, Palestine Sarah Ali is a Palestinian living in the Gaza Strip. She has lost friends and neighbors in the current war on Gaza. She speaks to us about conditions under the bombing. Sarah Ali studied English and literature and currently is working as a teacher in Gaza City. She contributed a short story called "The Story of the Land" to the book Gaza Writes Back: Short Stories from Young Writers in Gaza, Palestine. We close the show by reading that story. Total run time: 29:00 Host: David Swanson. Producer: David Swanson. Music by Duke Ellington. Download from Archive or... (more)

A quick note
Good afternoon ~ well it's not really afternoon I'm just saying so because it will be, and what's more, I'd feel it would be a little weird when I've already posted that this morning! Never mind! I'm quibbling unnecessarily for some unknown reason. I suppose you could say that I've improved a fraction since earlier today - I think I am a little brighter! That's a very good thing and I just hope it goes further upscale and not the other way for the rest of the day! I was very pleased to see a change which meant that I had company - always very encouraging ~ thanks. Much appreciated. I would love to get out and about today; it actually feels quite summery and right now I am being summoned so I'd better make haste and go along. I'll come by and see you later.. thinking of you, with

Buyer Rebates Exist So Why Don't People Get Them?
I was recently telling a good friend of mine about how I got a buyer rebate when I bought my $353,000 house and they were skeptical about what I was telling them. To be honest, at first I didn't understand their skepticism because I have gotten two buyer rebates in my home buying experiences so I know how real they are. Buyer rebates are also easy to get but I digress... Anyway, as I was talking to my friend it didn't take me long to remember how I once thought about buyer rebates when I bought my very first house (I am in my 60's now so I've bought three houses so far, and I hope this last house I've bought will be my last). Back in the day I also doubted that buyer rebates were real. I guess the main reason why I doubted that they were real was because they had the word, "rebate" attached to them. There have been a lot of scams (usually mail order scams when I was younger) that had the word, "rebate" associated with them. Time and time again people were promised cash back... (more)

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