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The Common Ills
Iraq snapshot
Iraq snapshot Monday, March 2, 2015. Chaos and violence continue, Haider al-Abadi and Iran launch an attack on Sunni-dominant Tikrit, they do so without US help, Amy Goodman clears a few moments to provide misinformation about Iraq (again), and much more. The assault on Tikrit has begun. Sunday, Dominic Evans (Reuters) reported that "Iraq's army and Shi'ite militia" were attacking Tirkit. Nancy A. Youssef (Daily Beast) reports that the forces are being aided by the Iranian government but not the US one: The U.S.-led coalition forces that have conducted seven months of airstrikes on Iraq’s behalf did not participate in the attack, defense officials told The Daily Beast, and the American military has no plans to chip in. Instead, embedded Iranian advisors and Iranian-backed Shiite militias are taking part in the offensive on the largely Sunni town, raising the prospect that the fight to beat back ISIS could become a sectarian war. The news is the latest indication... (more)

Tanto de mi
Dulce juventud
Oh dulce juventud a donde vas?? te siento tan cerca y tan lejos, se que nunca regresaras, quisiera haber estado mas conciente de ti, vivirte mas y amarte. No se creo que para todos en su momento es dificil y no sabemos que hacer con ella, tan imperfecta y perfecta, tanto que nos enseña y tan poco que la atesoramos. Tengo hermosos recuerdos, unos muy tontos y otros mas tragicos. Siento que esta dando sus ultimas bocadas antes de irse por siempre, unos ultimos momentos tontos, inocentes e impulsivos, juventud nunca te vayas no me dejes, no se que hare sin ti. Creo que me esta costando trabajo y mi mayor razon por la que aun no soy mama, ser madre implica entre muchas cosas ser madura, otro ser depende de ti totalmente y no puedes ir por el mundo sin preocupaciones o libre, tengo miedo y lo estoy dudando profundamente.... "De mis disparates de juventud lo que más pena me da no es el haberlos cometido, sino el no poder volver a cometerlos" Pierre Benoit

doudoune burberry en solde Maximilien
Ils firent deux lieues sans prononcer une seule parole. Morrel rêvait, Monte-Cristo le regardait rêver. «Morrel, lui dit le comte, vous repentiriez-vous de m'avoir suivi, Non, monsieur le comte ; mais quitter Paris... Si j'avais cru que le bonheur vous attendît à Paris, Morrel, je vous y eusse laissé. C'est à Paris que Valentine repose, et quitter Paris, c'est la perdre une seconde fois. doudoune burberry en solde Maximilien, dit le comte, les amis que nous avons perdus ne reposent pas dans la terre, ils sont ensevelis dans notre cur, et c'est Dieu qui l'a voulu ainsi pour que nous en fussions toujours accompagnés. Moi, j'ai deux amis qui m'accompagnent toujours ainsi : l'un est celui qui m'a donné la vie, l'autre est celui qui m'a donné l'intelligence. Leur esprit à tous deux vit en moi. Je les consulte dans le doute, et si j'ai fait quelque bien, c'est à leurs conseils que je le dois. Consultez la voix de votre cur, Morrel, et CXII. Le départ.... (more)

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What are the factors that affect the yield of Raymond Mill
Raymond mill is industrial milling equipment commonly used Raymond mill, also known as the R pendulum pulverizer, suitable for grinding the Mohs hardness is less than 7, moisture content below 6% non flammable and explosive various minerals, such as barite, calcite, talc, potassium feldspar, marble, limestone and ceramics, the machine product size adjustable in 100 ~ 325 between the eyes, can also produce 50 to 80 by adding device to coarse powder. Raymond mill with its excellent properties and is widely used in mining, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy and many other industries. According to the work principle and practice of Raymond mill work we found that the main -- the main factor affecting the yield of Raymond Mill has: One of the factors affecting the yield of Raymond Mill: the hardness of materials. The more hard material Raymond up more difficult, but also for the equipment wear the more serious. Raymond Mill speed slow, of course, Raymond ability is... (more)

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