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I had them all today! March 28, 2015 I have been so blessed today. Having a moment with each of them. Them means all the boys who matter at this point :) *THE BOSS*He did what he promised. I guess he just wanted to check if i am okay or not. Actually, spending a good 40 minutes with this man is more than enough. As always he made sure he has a list of all the things i need important or not. I know i can always count on this guy! *THE CRITIC* Honestly, I am not sure what are we at this very moment except that yeah, we're friends and we're colleagues. For the past 3 days, we eat out together. We always have a good laugh and share good food. But this one drives me crazy. Make me wonder if he is a He or a She! Lelz.. :) *THE EYE CANDY* This guy never fails to brighten my mood. When he talks to me, i turn into a fangirl. Everyday i see him, it's like my heart skips a few beats. Well, not really sure if it skips or totally stops for a... (more)

Tanto de mi
Por si las moscas
- 8 o el 14 de marzo fechas probables - 22 Marzo sospechas - 25 Marzo el me lo dice

ها و

از اولین لحظه ای که خبر سقوط هواپیمای ایرباس شرکت هواپیمائی جرمن وینگز بعنوان یکی از شاخه های شرکت هواپیمائی لوفت هانزا بعنوان سرتیتر خبرها اعلام شد، مهمترین دلیل قابل پیش بینی سقوط آنرا، از کارافتادگی سیستم های تنظیم فشار داخلی و هماهنگی آن در شرائط ویژه را بعنوان یکی از علت های شناخته شده در این نوع از هواپیماها اعلام کردند. هنوز یک یا دو روز از بیان چنین اخبار و اطلاعاتی نگذشته بود که انگار بالاخره کسی را یافته اند تا بعنوان مقصر معرفی کرده و تمام کاسه و کوزه ها را سر وی بشکنند. توضیحات بعدی بعنوان علت سقوط آنهم توسط دادستان شهر مارسی - در... (more)

The Common Ills
Iraq snapshot
Iraq snapshot Thursday, March 26, 2015. Chaos and violence continue, US President Barack Obama's Envoy John Allen testifies that there is no exit strategy, some Shi'ite militias leave the Tikrit assault (or were pushed out) and much more. "Is it in the United States interest to save what I would call a failing Iranian strategy? And I worry about Iran's role in Iraqi military operations because what does that portend for the political future of Iraq?" these were straight forward questions from US House Rep Eliot Engel. Sadly, there were no straight forward answers in reply. This morning, the House Foreign Affairs Committee heard testimony from the Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL John Allen as well as Brig Gen Michael Fantini and Brig Gen Gregg Olson. Allen was the one skirting the issues Engel raised. Engel is the Ranking Member of the Committee, US House Rep Ed Royce is the Committee Chair. We'll note some of his opening remarks. ... (more)

Unleash The Beat Volume 3

Disc One starts the journey with the progressive bang of Alexy Romeos AWEX, JES moves skillfully between deeper cuts like Stan Arwells Outburst and tougher beats such as EDUs Alive. Disc Two moves into higher gear, dropping some of the hottest trance cuts of the past few months. Opening with the driving beat of the New World Punks Torque and moves on to tracks from trance luminaries Jerome Isma-Ae, Ost & Meyer and Beat Service. Unleash The Beat Vol.3 flows around you, over you and through you with an intensity that takes you back to a place that made you love this music in the first place. When the right artist takes the DJs controls, you hear the music the way it was always meant to be. Essential! JES - Unleash The Beat Volume 3 (2015) Progressive, House, Vocal, Trance | Magik Muzik Holland 256 kbps | MP3 | unmixed +mixed +cue | 2015 | 02:06:18 | 659 MbTracklist:01. Alexey Romeo - Awex (5:51) 02. Michael White & Maik Ibane - Trapped In a Cave (6:12) 03. Stan... (more)

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