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28th August
Just a quick note as today I will be scooting off out and doing things. I hope you are in fine form and things are okay at your place. I am sorry to be rushed like this but I really haven't got that special time to myself here this morning. I just wanted to say hi and send you some love, with a hug and to wish you a big warm hi until my return. xx

Potret Hati 6 (2)
Aiman, Qisya dan Lily “ASSALAMUALAIKUM.” Selepas tiga kali jawapan salam kedengaran dari dalam rumah. Suara seorang perempuan. “Walaikum salam,” ulang tuan rumah. Terkelu lidah sebentar melihat tetamu yang datang. “Jemput masuk.” Orang baru. Aiman dan Qisya juga terkelu lidah sekejap sebelum menyambut alu-aluan. “Terima kasih.” “Oh! Aiman. Qisya. Masuklah.” “Terima kasih makcik.” Qisya mencium tangan Puan Hasyimah. “Aiman! Qisya! Subhanallah. Masya Allah. Macam ada imbasan, tapi dapat nak connect."Aiman dan Qisya cuba mengecam perempuan muda itu. Tetapi otak mereka juga tak boleh connect. Mereka hanya dapat senyum. Namun Qisya dan perempuan itu tetap berjabat tangan dan bersentuh pipi, "Tak kenal ke saya ni siapa?” Aiman dan Qisya cuba mengecam lagi. Qisya terpinga. “Lily ke ni?” Aiman ahkirnya menalah. “Lily la ni. Baru dua hari balik dari Ireland.” Puan Hasyimah mencelah, turut... (more)


ちょっと、怖いでした。i thought this was gone -- turns out i needed to reactivate it. whew. just taking a trip down here, back when i seemed to have a lot of words. いま、言葉はなかった。 じゃ、that's all.

不愛孤單 一久也習慣

The Common Ills
iraq snapshot
Iraq snapshot Tuesday, August 26, 2014. Chaos and violence continue, voices for war aren't shy, but something's got the tongue of the peace movement, In These Times can't take on the Iraq War but can go after Taylor Swift, and much more. Justin O. Smith (Daily News Journal) argues for full on war in Iraq to combat the Islamic State. Citing what's being done to Christians and Yazidis, he writes, "This is genocide pure and simple. America sees it and knows it as genocide, and as such, it is imperative that the U.S. and the world take vigorous military action against ISIS and all possible measures to prevent this massacre of minorities in Iraq. And with more than vigilance and 130 advisors, the U.S. and its allies should send 130 bombers and 130,000 soldiers to run ISIS into the ground, utterly destroy them and kill them mercilessly with extreme prejudice, just as they did entire Christian communities." Smith's opinion has a few issues... (more)

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