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diane pouvait me dire franchement : «merci de ce que vous avez fait pour moi, monsieur de bussy, mais je ne vous aime pas.» j'eusse été tué du coup, ou j'en eusse guéri. mais non ! elle me préfère, me laisse l'aimer inutilement ; mais elle n'y a rien gagné, car je ne l'aime plus, je la méprise. et il s'éloigna du cercle royal, la rage dans le coeur. en ce moment, ce n'était plus cette noble figure que toutes les femmes regardaient avec amour et tous les hommes avec terreur : c'était un front terni, un oeil faux, un sourire oblique. bussy, en sortant, se vit passer dans un grand miroir de venise et se trouva lui-même insupportable à voir. -mais je suis fou, dit-il ; comment, pour une personne qui me dédaigne, je me rendrais odieux à cent qui me recherchent ! mais pourquoi me dédaigne-t-elle, ou plutôt pour qui ? est-ce pour ce long squelette à face livide, qui, toujours planté à dix pas d'elle, la couve sans cesse de son jaloux regard.... (more)

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My Therapist Needs a Therapist!
It sounds funny, but it's rather sad and pathetic I'm not quite sure what exactly happened this morning.But I'm fairy sure that right now, at this very moment, my poor social worker is saying the same thing! I was very lucky today. Robbie didn't have any classes, and wasn't scheduled to work until 3 p.m. Therefore, he was able to drive me to my 11 a.m appointment.So far, so good. I should have been on guard, though. Today is Friday. That is a "sorrowful mystery" day, along with Tuesday. The pain wasn't too bad when I zipped through the five decades. Today, I was mainly anxious instead.I did take a Klonopin as prescribed, but I think Dr B will have to re-assess the dosage; as my anxiety remained a definite "10" on that silly rating system the medical profession refers to as if it's their ubiquitous bible!.Why do they even bother, when only the "specialists" can prescribe the drugs one requires to combat a "10" pain level or a "10" anxiety level? Anyhow, as soon as I approached the... (more)

short sighted
By Rev. Wayne Palmer Read John 6:22-27. "Jesus answered them, 'Truly, truly, I say to you, you are seeking Me, not because you saw signs, but because you ate your fill of the loaves'" (John 6:26). Lenten Devotion- After the festival Jesus returned north to Galilee. He spent a whole day preaching and then fed the huge crowd with five loaves and two fish. That night after He sent them away, He walked across the Sea of Galilee. Gathering again the next day, the crowds walked around the lake to find Him. At first those people sound like genuine followers of Jesus. But our Lord knows better. They aren't really there for Him; they are there for themselves. They want Jesus to be their king -- but only on their terms. They aren't concerned with their deep eternal needs like He is; they only want what Jesus can give them in the present. We can be just as near-sighted as they. We are consumed with today's needs and desires, but we don't see the more significant eternal gifts... (more)

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«On me demande les preuves, mon père, dit Benedetto, voulez-vous que je les donne, Non, non, balbutia M. de Villefort d'une voix étranglée ; non, c'est inutile. Comment, inutile, s'écria le président : mais que voulez-vous dire, Je veux dire, s'écria le procureur du roi, que je me débattrais en vain sous l'étreinte mortelle qui m'écrase, messieurs, je suis, je le reconnais, dans la main du Dieu vengeur. Pas de preuves ; il n'en est pas besoin ; tout ce que vient de dire ce jeune homme est vrai ! » Un silence sombre et pesant comme celui qui précède les catastrophes de la nature enveloppa dans son manteau de plomb tous les assistants, dont les cheveux se dressaient sur la tête. «Et quoi ! monsieur de Villefort, s'écria le président, vous ne cédez pas à une hallucination, Quoi ! vous jouissez de la plénitude de vos facultés, On concevrait qu'une accusation si étrange, si imprévue, si terrible, ait troublé vos esprits, voyons,... (more)

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Sky planning set-top box overhaul to support Ultra HD 4K TV
Ultra HD 4K TV support and cloud-based recordings are among the innovations being planned by Sky in response to competition from video streaming services, according to a new report. The Sunday Telegraph says that a special unit, Project Ethan, has been established by the UK-based company in order to overhaul its set-top box technology. It's claimed that Sky is currently working on new software and hardware that will support Ultra HD 4K TV with the growing number of sets now available. Sky has already made its first move into Ultra HD 4K TV BOX, with a successful broadcast of an English Premier League match last summer. In other news, Sky is looking at the possibility of letting viewers watch both recorded and on-demand video across a variety of devices through cloud technology. The multi-screen technology, as it's described, will see the Sky+ service stored centrally by Sky, not on the hard disk of the set-top boxes. Content can then be accessed via... (more)

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