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I was watching Dexter (b-t-dubs its a should watch for those who often feel like a monster, its nice having a show that centers around us misfits) but anyways a scene triggered a thought about dating how we want our S.O. to be someone we are excited about and thrilled about in every little detail which is fun don't get me wrong but what happens when the thrill stops? When the lull happens? last time a relationship lulled I ended it I havnt found a lull in a relationship where ive been excited about the guy only when its been vice versa I thought it was mutual with kevin but there goes that I havnt found that inbetween mutual spot I havnt found me or accepted me can I accept me? how can i accept me when no one else does? I only learn by watching others examples.........

Daily Devotion
Dealing With Negative People
Date: Thursday, May 28, 2015 Chapters: Job 7-9 Message Title: Dealing With Negative People Hello My Friend, There is a saying, “With friends such as these, who needs enemies.”, we all have friends or know people that we wonder why we even talk to them. They never have anything positive to say and if they find out you are having some difficulties they are quick to accuse and or point out your faults as to why they are happening. You know, we can get ten positive reviews, and one only negative one, and it will be that negative one that haunts us. The truth is, we have to deal with negative people every day, and they are pleased to remain that way, but we do not have to let them get to us. We have a great and mighty King who will lift us up and even shine through us so that they are put in their place, simply by us being nice to them. “Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.... (more)

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera agak lama blog ini tidak diupdate disebabkan sibuk dengan kerja serta tiada masa untuk buka .Baru-baru ini terlintas di hati nak buka blog ini nasib baik masih ingat password ..Walaupun tidak update di sini tapi sememangnya kami aktif di facebook jadi kalau sahabat disini nak mengikuti perkembangan kami semula boleh lah join group PemUtar di face book

Muslim Teenagers
Being Muslim in Modern Day America
By Leah VernonIslam is a way of life and a very simple one at that. It teaches piety, humbleness, peace, war, chastity and more things about life that I can think of. With all the stereotypes that circulate, it's hard for a Muslim to keep up with the who-said-what in this non Islamic country. Personally, I've heard my fair shares of "Is that a pillow case on your head?" to "Are you wearing a bomb strapped underneath your dress?" If anything can be said about Muslims, I should know the gist of the puns.The ignorance of some non-Muslims is expected for the most part, that doesn't mean it gets any easier each time they come at us. It is tough because we have interaction with them every single day: work, school, bus, shopping and airplanes. They look at our customs as very foreign and not American. When we look at ourselves and see nothing wrong with our customs. We look at their customs and see contradictions all the time.Take American television... (more)

ah fuck... i guess its time to stop smoking

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