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The Common Ills
Things we overlooked?
Things we overlooked? A few concerned e-mailers are attempting to provide oversight. The budget! The budget! There are three e-mails noting the passing of the Iraqi budget yesterday and that I forgot it in the snapshot. It wasn't forgotten, our focus was on the UN. This is also the budget that, back in August, would be passed in a matter of weeks. I didn't see the need to weigh in. I still don't. This morning Alsumaria has published it in PDF format and, at some point today, I will try to read it. Prior to that, it's a sentence: Iraq passed a budget worth $150 billion US dollars. Saif Hameed (Reuters) has that here. Considering the way programs to rebuild Iraq were being slashed when oil was at a high, I can't imagine that the programs didn't suffer even more as the oil prices dropped. That's what the story of the budget's about: Where the money is going. That is passed is meaningless without knowing that. No one... (more)

nurturing needles
Someone Saved My life Tonight...
It is just barely after 1 a.m. I woke up a few minutes ago, after collasping into bed at 8:30, exhausted and in pain. You see, being the stubborn bitch I am, I insisted on walking to Shop Rite at 6;30 p.m--alone, with just my cane and my canvas bag. It was colder outside than I had anticipated, so I doffed the hat, scarf, and mittens and had to stumble through the snow with my naked right paw shoved inside the pocket of my long coat. Perhaps I even appeared drunk to some people, as I trudged my way down Plaza Road, alone and crazy.But we needed milk. And I knew I was starting to feel tired, so I'd never be able to wait for Patty to get home from work,(as we had planned to do when I realized we were low on the "cow juice"--AGAIN!) So, I made the trip alone, on foot, in the blustery cold wind and snow-covered sidewalk.I did get the milk.But admittedly the experience wore me out. So here I sit, awake and alert while the kids sleep.I have no idea where my ex husband is, nor do I really... (more)

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The best bottle blowing machine
With long term development, the bottle blowing industry has been turning up several professional bottle blowing machine manufacturing base, which are located in Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu and Hebei. As the sub-industry of plastic machinery, bottle blowing machine industry is always progressing low key. After several several decades’ development, many excellent manufacturers come up in this field and Guangzhou JASU Machinery is one of the excellent one. The One-step Injection blow molding machine designed and manufactured by JASU, has won the high reputation by good performance and technology in this field. With the 20 years developing, JASU machinery has won the good reputation from our client of domestic and international by excellent quality with exquisite design and manufacturing. Bottle blowing machine is a blow-molding method of the hollow plastic particles into a container to produce a device, the model includes the more common use of the PP and PE hollow extrusion blow... (more)

gk enak makan
Tapi ini beneran deh, aneh banget kayak di lagu2 dangdut. Gk enak makan karna ingat kamu.. gk enak tidur karna ingat kamu. Halah. Tapi beneran deh, kalau inget dia di sana gk makan, atau gk punya makanan, di sini juga jadi gk pingin makan. Kemaren2 sih masih coba positif, aku kan punya keluarga jadi harus jaga kesehatan. Meski makan gk enak, tapi masih bisa makan. Ini udh 2 hari gk pingin makan banget. Apa itu siklus karena kemarin udh gendutan? Tapi gk pingin makan kasian inget dia.. Seandainya bisa nyium bau dia lagi. Tapi susah juga ya kalau harus ketemu dia.. Suka banget bau dia.

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